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ASU presidential candidate plans to unite Monarchs

The second-year kinesiology major is passionate about building a stronger community at Valley College.

By Natalie Metcalf, Valley Life Editor

Current Associated Student Union commissioner of health of wellness Christopher Robles-Garay is running for President in the upcoming election at Valley College. (Savannah Greenly | Valley Star)

Christopher Robles-Garay is no stranger to translating his leadership skills to a larger audience. The monarch takes pride in his ability to unite students as this year's only ASU presidential candidate.

The Panorama City native is Afro-Latino and his family comes from a village in Mexico called Durango. The candidate can speak five languages with Spanish being his first language. Robles-Garay has his heart set on an indigenous peoples’ event, uniting all backgrounds at Valley. He is currently learning Huichol, an indigenous language from Mexico, and can also speak French and some Portuguese. Growing up, Robles-Garay translated for his family when visiting Durango. While translating, the candidate felt a connection to a leadership role.

“I believe in people, I feel that anyone can do anything,” said Robles Garay, in reference to coaching his fellow peers in the weight room. “In a leadership role, I think I do inspire some people –– I like to think I do. There are no limits for anyone.”

Robles-Garay currently sits on the student union’s executive board as the commissioner of health and wellness. He is in the process of creating a men's mental health workshop for students.

The first-generation college student is the vice president of the Economics for Soccer Club. During club meetings, participants discuss the worth of soccer players in the industry.

The candidate's student involvement does not stop there, as he prioritizes ASU student events on campus. The Afro-Latino plans to work closely with the commissioner of ethnic and cultural affairs to create indigenous people’s events on campus. Monarch Ammy Duarte is running unopposed as the next commissioner of ethnic and cultural affairs.

The presidential candidate plans on improving the connection between the Athletics Center and the student union. The sports enthusiast attended numerous football games last semester and would like to create student events relating to sports next year.

In a hopeful collaboration with the athletics department, he would like to encourage football players to wear their jerseys around campus on game days, incorporating more school spirit in the fall. If elected, the kinesiology major wants to contact football coach Lester Towns to promote athletics on social media.

“The people I’ve met and the connections I’ve made will definitely benefit me after Valley,” said Robles-Garay. The second-year student wants to stay connected to the area, as he plans to transfer to CSUN.

The monarch encouraged his friends to join ASU, who is currently running for other executive board positions. Three of his friends are running with him for spots on the executive board. Norik Bayandorian is running for Vice President, Julian Serrano is running unopposed for commissioner of student life and Ulizes Torres is running unopposed for commissioner of fine arts.

“He [Chris] is cool and calm,” said vice presidential candidate Bayandorinan. “He has a lot of experience in the community and is very serious.”

The kinesiology major wants to see representation on campus. He wants to make community college a more exciting place. According to Robles-Garay, this is possible through the work and planning of ASU.

“In reality, with ASU, I do have fun,” said the student government candidate. “I go to events, I talk to people. My goal, in general, is to unify people –– get people out there more.”


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