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Avery Pohl is living her dream

The part-time Monarch and “General Hospital” actress has reached a milestone in her life and is hopeful for the future.

By Natalie Metcalf, Valley Life Editor

Avery Pohl is an actress and business major at Valley College. She has portrayed "Esme Prince" on ABC’s soap opera “General Hospital” since August 2021. (Jeremy Ruiz | Valley Star)

At eight years old, Avery Pohl was experiencing Los Angeles for the first time after moving from New York City. Eleven years later, the model actress jotted down her goals for the year 2022 after two months of playing “Esme Prince” on ABC’s soap opera “General Hospital.” Pohl stopped and realized she had achieved her dream of being an actress. Her following thought was –– “what’s next?”

“I was getting to explore this giant city for the first time,” said Pohl, recalling her first moments in Los Angeles in 2011. “I stayed over in Universal City and got to walk around City Walk; I thought I was living the dream.”

Even though she has yet to figure out her next move, she is still enjoying every minute of her present-day career. Her role in “General Hospital” earned her a spot on the cover of Soap Opera Digest in June.

Since her character was killed off the show, the actress took some much-needed time for herself. The part-time Monarch traveled Europe for a month this summer –– something she had been saving up for since before the pandemic. She vacationed in Paris, various cities in Italy and London. Now, Pohl is playing a pregnant Esme on the show, wearing seven layers of clothing during scenes.

As previously reported by the Star, Pohl’s heavy workload between filming and school ate up most of her free time. Pohl is still taking classes, hoping to graduate this spring with her associate's degree in business.

Avery Pohl is planning to graduate from Valley College this Spring. (Jeremy Ruiz | Valley Star)

“I’m going to take the time I have off and enjoy it while I can,” said the actress about her break. “I feel very lucky and privileged to have gotten to experience that [vacation].”

Pohl modeled for a Marc Jacobs advertisement when she was eight. After seeing the ad on a flight, the producer for the “Sound of My Voice” wanted Pohl for the role. When shooting her part in the movie, the model-actress knew this was a career she wanted to pursue. Pohl’s acting story goes back to before she was even 10 years old. In her first acting job, the soap opera star appeared in the indie film “Sound of My Voice” (2011).

“You’re operating in a world where you’re a child surrounded by adults –– in some ways I kinda still feel like that,” Pohl said with a charming laugh. “For the most part, you’re a child that’s expected to be a mini professional and I think I really enjoyed that.”

The “General Hospital” actress was glad to receive her big break as an adult rather than being a child actress. Pohl enjoys balancing her acting career and adult life, without her parents' guidance and legal assistance.

“I don’t think I’m in the end result, I think that this is part of the journey,” said the soap opera star about achieving her main dream. “You kind of realize like, ‘oh I’ve achieved this goal and I get to do it now but what else? Where else am I going to push myself in my life?’”

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