Brief: Foundation pushes back deadline for scholarships

Scholarship deadlines have been extended to next week, giving students more time to apply.

By Angela Thompson, Staff Writer

The LAVC Foundation has pushed back the scholarship application deadline towards the end of the month to give more students an opportunity to apply.

The deadline is coming up quickly, but the Foundation pushed it back to March 26 to help more students apply. The website for the Foundation makes it easy to find scholarships that suit student needs, and they may only need a couple documents to apply. Currently, there are over 80 available scholarships.

The Foundation makes it very simple to apply, with an easy two-page form to fill out and send in, or through an online application. First, students will need their unofficial transcripts, including other schools they have attended, a copy of their spring 2021 schedule, and their Financial Aid Award Summary, if they have one.

Students can look up scholarships by searching through categories such as major, GPA, units taken, or even the university the student wants to transfer to. There is also an online scholarship application that students can apply for that is nine pages long, and they will be considered for many different scholarships.

After making an account, students will need their overall GPA, program GPA, student ID and overall semester units completed. This information can be found on the LACCD SIS page through Canvas on each student account. The last thing a student will need to do is fill out their reasons for why they should be the one to get the scholarship. The application may also ask for professor emails for recommendation letters as well.

In a time when some students need some extra help, the Foundation has been doing what they can to support the students at Valley College. They also created an extra COVID-19 Emergency Student Stipend Fund to help students in need. The fund was successful, raising $38,000, and over 1,800 students applied for aid. They have also just created a new Black Scholars Matter Fund in partnership with the Umoja Black Scholars Program.

“The Foundation was an essential partner during this time, adding emergency support to our students on top of the incredible support already demonstrated each and every year,” said President Barry Gibbons in a 2020 Annual Report of the Foundation.