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BRIEF: Student Veterans Orientation arrives Wednesday

The Veterans Resource Center will be hosting an event called “New Student Veterans Orientation” on Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m at the Student Services Center.

The event will detail the program’s plans for memorial day and supplies that will help benefit the campus resources and academic planning in May. During this event, new students will receive information about the Valley College Veterans Resource Center. Free lunch and supplies will be given to all the attendees. Student veterans and military-affiliated students that enrolled in classes at Valley this winter or spring are required to attend this mandatory orientation.

“As well as sponsoring events that will help bring awareness and visibility,” said Krixa Lim. “Visibility of veterans and their needs as they pursue higher education.”

The event will cover information about the Veterans Resource Center such as staffing, how to schedule a counseling appointment, VA benefit information and how to submit a certification for academic planning and veterans resources, as well as on campus resources.

The Veterans Resource Center provides a Veterans Counselor –– a school certifying official and a Veterans Lounge with computers and a printer.

For more information, contact Krixa Lim at or (818 947-2642).

- By Kevin Khachatryan, Staff Writer


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