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Brief: Valley College scholarships open

Scholarship applications are now open for all Valley College students to apply.

The Valley foundation is a non-profit organization that benefits students. Scholarship funding comes from various donors, grants, Valley alumni and the campus community.

This semester there are over 250 scholarships available with over $160 thousand available. To apply to this scholarship students must log on to their student portal and select the scholarship title. From there they just log in with their student login and start the application process. There is a general application students complete which is used to apply to all the Valley foundation scholarships.

The scholarships opened on Feb. 1 and are due on March 15. The application consists of various questions regarding education goals and past education. Students can go back to the application, so it does not need to be completed all at once.

All students are encouraged to apply and take advantage of this opportunity.

For any questions, contact Matt Durkan at (818) 947-2619. Durkan is overseeing the application process and is available for support.

-Jasmine Alejandre


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