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LAPD arrives after false alarm from Grant High School

Updated: Mar 29

Grant High School went into lockdown Monday afternoon, after a shooting miscall.

By Nicholas Orozco, Sports Editor

LAPD officers cleared Grant High School's campus following a report of shots fired. The report, a false alarm, resulted in a shutdown of the campus. After the all-clear, students returned to class. (Chris Dreadson | Valley Star)

The LAPD locked down Grant High School for over an hour after an individual reported hearing a gunshot emanating from the campus, which turned out to be a false alarm.

The LAPD received a call claiming that shots were fired from within the campus Monday afternoon. School police, officers from North Hollywood and Van Nuys police departments all responded, closing off Oxnard street to traffic going eastbound.

“I came to pick up my daughter but I heard no gunshots,” said Isabelle Davis, who lives across the street and is the mother of two Grant students. “I remember last year’s shooting.”

The officers cleared the campus room by room before giving the all clear and allowing students to return to classes. Officers exited the building in two patrol groups, each made up of five officers. One officer carried the LAPD’s standard issue shotgun, the Remington 870.

Following the sweep of campus, the officers converged for a debriefing led by Lieutenant Robert McDonald.

McDonald did not comment following the situation.

Grant High School Principal Rebecca McMurrin (left of the squad) waits with LAPD officers while police clear the school, following a call about shots fired on campus. It was a false alarm, but it comes less than a year after the last shooting at the school that left one 16-year-old student injured. (Griffin O'Rourke | Valley Star)

Parents arrived at the scene after hearing about the lockdown from their children within the school. Ninth grader Rayli Martinez called her father.

“She called me from the school and I rushed over,” said Alex Martinez after arriving at the high school.

The LAPD believes that the call originated from a third party who was not within school grounds and they are conducting an investigation into the report.

- With contributions from Griffin O’Rourke

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