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Ambitious ASU bubble soccer event bursts

ASU’s Bubble Soccer was canceled on Oct. 17 after allocating $2,500 for the event in August.

By Natalie Metcalf, Valley Life Editor & Nicholas Orozco, Sports Editor

The pie chart demonstrates the Associated Student’s Union student event budget for the fall semester. ( Natalie Metcalf | Valley Star)

After three deflated attempts by the Associated Student Union to bring bubble soccer to Valley College, the district rejected the idea and the event has officially been canceled.

At the beginning of the fall semester, the ASU allocated $2,500 for three monthly bubble soccer events but the LACCD wanted $5 million in liability insurance. The hefty price tag resulted in delays, causing the ASU to cancel bubble soccer twice in the span of one month. The events were originally scheduled for September, October and November. In a last-ditch effort, Treasurer Diego Enriquez hoped Monarch Camps would take the reins but found no success.

“[Bubble Soccer] is not going to happen,” said Enriquez, after making his last attempt to put on the event. “I don’t even try to think about it anymore. I just get angrier when I do.”

According to Paul Magallanes, the executive director of Monarch Camps, the district contacted ASU about the insurance policy. Valley College President Barry Gribbons suggested the board reach out to Monarch Camps, a summer camp that is partnered with LACCD. Enriquez stated the bubble soccer vendor was willing to allocate $2 million dollars for the policy, with Monarch Camps allocating the remaining $3 million.

According to Magallanes, Monarch Camps was only going to be an approved vendor for the event on Oct. 17.

The treasurer also stated bubble soccer was denied by the district. Now it will be attempted to make the event happen one more time by changing the way the event is proposed. Enriquez said they will inform the district Monarch Camps will run the event with ASU partnering in order to host the event. This will lead to the camps taking liability for the event in the event of injuries. Leaving Valley and the district free of the fear of legal action.

Per its name, bubble soccer is playing soccer while being encased in a bubble. Players are covered from head to knee in a plastic bubble while playing the sport. Monarch Camps offers a variety of sports activities on their website. Even though bubble soccer is not listed, the program does not limit its activities to just that specific list.

“Bubble soccer would be a safe event with the right location and the proper tools,” said first-year student accounting major, Brayan Serra.

According to the National Library of Medicine, bubble soccer has high injury incidences. If not properly protected, players can receive a concussion or other head injuries. NLM conducted a study of 145 bubble soccer players in 2020. During the game, 58 players sustained 94 injuries, the most common injuries being head trauma and bruises.

“ASU worked so hard to find ways to make it happen,” said President Ani Ramazyan. “It was going to be a fun event for students to come and network with each other.”


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