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ASU board appoints new members amid dry election season

In their bi-weekly meetings, the board allocated $1,255 to student events and appointed two new members.

By Natalie Metcalf, Valley Life Editor

In the midst of receiving no applications for upcoming student government elections, the ASU appointed two new members on Tuesday during their executive council meeting, while allocating $1,255 during their finance meeting.

The executive committee appointed Christopher Robles Garay as the new commissioner of health and wellness and Sarai Ortiz as the publicity and social media affairs commissioner. Later in the meeting, the board moved to vote on three motions regarding finances and upcoming ASU events. These events included $500 for Paint and Brunch, $600 for Pie Day and $155 for Instax Film.

“As of now, we don’t have anyone that has shown any interest,” said ASU advisor Monica Flores, in regard to elections this semester. “No applications have been submitted, the deadline is March 24, so we have less than a month.”

Candidates for the open council positions were individually interviewed by the board, later stepping out of the room when the board interviewed the opposite candidate. Four positions remain vacant: commissioner of political affairs, parliamentarian, secretary and campus environmental affairs.

Garay, the vice president of the soccer club, is a kinesiology major and hopes to become a soccer coach in Los Angeles. He advocates for mental health and knows current ASU Treasurer Diego Enriquez, having helped him plan previous student events on campus.

The executive board agreed the kinesiology major was enthusiastic about filling the new commissioner position. Garay has a history of setting up and participating in Valley’s community and ASU events. Portillo’s only disagreement was that Garay had no planned events or ideas in his application.

The new publicity and social media affairs commissioner previously worked in the Student Union Office as a secretary and was warmly welcomed by the board.

“Since we all know her that’s a plus,” said Commissioner of Student Life Arely Aguilar, about Ortiz. “It’s not like we have to learn something new because it’s the spring semester and she already knows the gist of how things go. It would be easier for us and her as a smooth transition.”

Paint and Brunch, which was postponed in the previous student union meeting, was amended from $2,000 to $500 due to purchasing cheaper art supplies and less food. Pi Day, The STEM department’s event originally asked for $771.98 but was amended to $600 after reevaluating the amount needed for the estimated amount of food and drink. Commissioner of Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Erik Portillo requested $155 for Instax Film for the documentation of ASU-hosted events.

ASU meetings take place bi-weekly in the Student Union Plaza skybox conference room. In the next finance meeting, the board will discuss $3,500 for Slay Seminar and $7,200 for Spring Connect.


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