Review: “Frozen II” will melt your heart

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

An exciting new adventure into the unknown lands of Arendelle characterize “Frozen II”.

By Lexie Macias, Special to the Star


Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Animation Studios

 The sequel to Disney’s highly successful first film is both heartwarming and entertaining as a result of exquisite storytelling, wonderful comedy relief and the new soundtrack of unforgettable 


“Frozen II” follows Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven as they embark on a journey to the Enchanted Forest, found north of the Kingdom of Arendelle, to find the mysterious voice that calls to Queen Elsa. Most of the original cast reprise their roles as characters from the first film, along with Evan Rachel Wood (“True Blood”) as Queen Iduna, the mother of Anna and Elsa. 

The film had a few standout elements that demanded attention, those being the new chapter of this beloved story, Olaf’s perfectly-timed comedic one-liners and the remarkable new music. These three key features helped the sequel become a great film, not just another good sequel to an amazing first movie. “Frozen II” in its entirety could have been a standalone film, with viewers fully understanding what is happening in the story without having seen the first film.

The new chapter of the Frozen universe introduces viewers to the lands north of Arendelle, where the magical Enchanted Forest can be found and is home to the Northuldra people. Viewers also get a look at some of Arendelle’s history and the kingdom’s relationship with the Northuldra people, who live together in harmony with the four magical, elemental spirits of the Enchanted Forest. The new lands hold a very important secret that will change the fate of Arendelle forever. 

Just as he did in the first “Frozen” movie, Olaf steals the spotlight from the beginning to the very end of the film, with humor and a child-like realization that he is growing up. Olaf has many memorable scenes throughout the film, the most notable being when he hilariously recaps all the events of “Frozen” to the Northuldra people. The amazing acting chops of Josh Gad bring to life this silly and beloved character who can also put on a great musical number. This movie weaves together comedy and storytelling in a way that definitely outshines it’s highly renowned predecessor and will be difficult for Disney to top.

The new soundtrack for “Frozen II” introduces viewers to an array of new songs that have depth, emotion and catchy melodies. The most popular song on the soundtrack that was released before the film opened in theaters is “Into the Unknown” sung by Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa. Panic! at the Disco also recorded the popular song for the soundtrack, and their version is played when the credits roll at the end of the film. 

With “Frozen II” exceeding the expectations of most viewers and likely to surpass the success of “Frozen”, it can be said that this sequel is certainly one of Disney’s best films. It further proves that the studio is successful at producing sequels that do not fall short of the first movie, and can even, surprisingly, be more successful.