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Marvel Studios is going for quantity instead of quality

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

After Disney Plus Day, the Marvel Cinematic Universe aims to maintain their high status.

Opinion by Natalie Metcalf, Staff Writer

Screen grab from "What If...?" season 1 episode 3. Loki (R) voiced by actor Tom Hiddleston. (Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios)

There are going to be 15 new Marvel Cinematic Universe shows coming to Disney+ next year, which means one thing: superhero overload.

Disney+ released the titles for 15 new shows with first looks on “Moonlight,” “She/Hulk,” and “Ms.Marvel,” along with second seasons of “What if…” and “Loki.” But these are just three of the new shows that are streaming next year. With an abundance of new Marvel content, the studio might want to focus on a couple of shows rather than a fleet. The amount of content might end up confusing or disappointing viewers.

“The Marvel universe on Disney+ has no limits,” according to the “Marvel Studios’ 2021 Disney+ Day Special.”

In order to make quality content for viewers there should be a limit to the amount of shows created for the streaming service.

The fandom has high hopes for the new content, but these new shows will bring in a superhero overload. Marvel Studios plans on adding new superheroes such as Agatha Harkeness from “Wandavision,”and the female version of the Hulk in “She-Hulk.” Audiences will also see the return of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) from “Captain Marvel” in “Secret Invasion.” Then a whole new generation of heroes are going to fight against a zombie apocalypse in “Marvel Zombies.” And this is just to name a few.

The studio is releasing too much content in too little time. Since the fandom is making so much content, future content in the MCU will start to look cheap and not what fans are accustomed to. As of right now, the quality in these new shows such as plot, acting, cinematography and set design is unknown.

According to Statista, in August the MCU made $23 billion. Considering the amount of new content that is going to be added to Disney+ in the next year, Marvel Studios desperately wants to continue this trend of being the highest grossing film and series franchise worldwide.

Instead of spamming viewers with an abundance of mediocre content, the studio should focus on delivering fans top tier content every once in a while. Marvel is in a hurry to make money, rather than satisfying viewers with enjoyable and higher quality shows.

With the whopping 15 shows slated for streaming next year, MCU should find that quality is better than quantity.

After the disappointment of Marvel’s “Eternals,” only made $71 million in the box office opening weekend, the titles that Disney+ just released means that the MCU could be heading for a rough patch and an overload in content.

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