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Valley View: Religious Groups

Question: What are your thoughts on the religious groups on campus?

Text by Aimee Martinez, Valley Life Editor, and Mickie Shaw, Multimedia Editor

Photos by Mickie Shaw, Multimedia Editor

“It’s America. If they want to push their religious agenda they can do it freely. It doesn’t really affect people who aren’t religious.” — Ryan Hernandez, 18, Business

“I’m open to any religion, belief, interest but it shouldn’t be pressured upon people to have a bible.” — Anabelle Zdawczyk, 19, Undecided

“I don’t mind. I think it’s a good thing. I think they should have a booth. Some people don’t like it.” — Stephanie Alvarenga, 19, Nursing

“I appreciate it. I understand it. I wish they would understand, I have my own [religion] and they have their own. Leave me be with mine.” — Delia Gamez, 21, Nursing

“I am not that religious, so it’s not that big of a deal. I just don’t appreciate if they're trying to shove it down your throat.” — Kimberly Sanabria, 21, English

"Honestly, I think we should be able to open our eyes to different religious groups, because that’s what our nation is built upon. So I have no problem with it. I totally agree with everything." — Christian Soto, 18, Criminology

“I don’t mind if they exist here. The thing is many of the classes here are secular and not religious based. I don’t think people are coming all the way here to a community college just to learn about Bible stuff." — Jay Arellano, 21, Child Development

“What I have an issue with, mainly these religious groups that hand out Bible, is that a lot of them are really disrespectful of people’s personal space. People like me who identify as LGBTQ, it comes across as harassment." — Robert Arias, 23, Journalism

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