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BRIEF: Marquees under construction until April

Since last year, the Valley College marquee has been under construction, unable to give students announcements.

The marquee is scheduled to be completed in April. In the past, these signs were used to inform students of upcoming deadlines and holidays on campus. GMZ Engineering, a construction company based in Westlake Village, was contracted by Valley to reconstruct the screens. The project costs $1,333,000. In the midterm election, the district was awarded a $5.3 billion bond to fund the renovation process.

“The new system will have larger screens that will have higher resolution, and they'll also be synced,” said Valley President Barry Gibbons. “They'll also be upgraded, more modern and larger.”

Currently, the two marquees are boarded up and under complete construction. The plan is to update the screens. The two signs can be found on either side of Fulton Ave.

— Natalie Metcalf, Valley Life Editor

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